CBD and Your Skin

We all know people take CBD orally.  The most common method might be CBD drops.  They come in various concentrations and use a number of different carrier oils but they are all essentially the same thing:  CBD in an oil which you take orally.  “Edibles” such as brownies, cookies, gummy bears, chocolate and pretty much every other food you can imagine.  Vaping is also a common delivery method.  What all of these have in common is that they are taken orally.

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But what about CBD and your skin?  There are some great reasons to use CBD topically so let’s look at a few of them.

Acne is the bane of many a young person’s existence and is something nearly everyone has to deal with at some time or another.  One factor which causes acne is excess sebum production.  According to a 2014 study, CBD can help to reduce sebum production and thus decrease acne.  In addition to this, CBDs strong anti-inflammatory properties help to reduce the stress present in the skin improving overall skin health.

Psoriasis is an autoimmune disorder that causes a red, dry flaky rash which can lead to psoriatic arthritis.  As I discussed in another post, cannabinoid receptors exist in the skin as well as other parts of the body.  CBD has the effect of regulating the endocannabinoid system which can lead to a decrease in psoriasis.

One of the most common unwanted side effects of aging skin, wrinkles, can be improved with CBD.  As one of nature’s great anti-inflammatories, CBD soothes the skin which reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  By regulating oil production, CBD can also help to prevent dryness, another cause of wrinkles.

But the benefits of CBD aren’t just skin deep.  A study conducted at the University of Kentucky analyzed the benefits of CBD for arthritis in rats.  In this study a CBD gel significantly reduced joint swelling and pain and also thickened the synovial membrane.  The CBD had no effect on the rat’s brain function and none of the other side effects associated with standard arthritis treatments.

Here’s another fascinating aspect of the University of Kentucky study:  the gel was applied only for a four-day period.  I’m amazed that there would be any response in such a short period of time.  Other studies have shown that CBD is very effectively absorbed through the skin.

We have had many customer requests for a lotion and a balm.  One customer actually used our CBD oil on a sprained ankle and was amazed at the positive response.  Others just don’t like the flavor of the drops.  Some find it to be a more convenient and easy way to take CBD.  Whatever your reason, 7 Mountains CBD lotion and CBD balm with 100 mg of CBD per container will be available soon!

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