The Import House in Yellow Springs

In the southwest part of the very Red state of Ohio is the very groovy Village of Yellow Springs. If you want to see what the 60s were like, make a day-trip to this great little town!

funky building yellow spring.  7 mountains cbd

Local theater? Check! Funky buildings? Check! All natural restaurant? Probably a couple! Great natural scenery? In spades! Home of the one-time most radical college in the country? Yeah, they’ve got that too. And it goes without saying they’ve got both Humanist and Dharma Centers.

import house yellow spring.  7 mountains cbd

For us, the beating heart of Yellow Springs is the Import House. An amazing independent shop with all of your counter-culture needs, and maybe some 7 Mountains products too. If you don’t see something there for the first time in your life then you are indeed very well traveled!

7 mountains cbd

Oh, and if you thought you saw Dave Chappelle there, you did. He lives in Yellow Springs. I almost ran into him once coming out of the grocery store!

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